“Pfunzai mazano” Series 1


Business Development lessons from Mushika-shika :

Shaphat Consulting is starting a social media tag line called , ” Pfunzai mazano” .

In Zimbabwe there are a lot of under dog business models that are supporting a lot of families in our economy & society. Society should talk about these models and help develop these businesses into corporates beyond our wildest dreams. For us business transformation is simply taking a day to day business idea or model and scaling it up to the next level. There is always a next level for anything.

As i was parked along King George Road yesterday ,a young man approached me and asked me for 3 bucks because his mushika-shika vehicle had been impounded and he wanted to bail it out.

It got me to think a lot about the local transport black market.

·        What is the value of that market ?

·        If it was supported how much would it contribute to the fiscus ?

·        Why is Mushika-shika still in business after good services like Hwindi & Vaya are already in the market with
massive tech and marketing budgets ?

·        How is Mushika-shika doing better than the official taxi businesses ?

·        What do customers really need in this sector?

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