Business lessons from Covid-19 as we approach 2021


Financial year 2020 will be viewed as a serious game changer especially for a troubled economy like Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been faced with a wave of political instability, high inflation driven by a currency crisis, lower disposable household incomes and the Corona virus shocks. Businesses need to go on the drawing board now ahead of 2021.

At Shaphat consulting we have learnt simple lessons that we will carry into 2021 advising our clients and building their businesses.

  • The future of business office space is shifting from brick & mortar to virtual or cloud offices. We forecast that there will be a serious decline in the demand of CBD office space. Rentals were already too high for office space. Businesses have learnt that work can be done without even stepping into a brick & mortar office. Corona virus might have accelerated the shift towards cloud based working environments.
  • We forecast more job cuts into the future. Firstly businesses were struggling to earn revenue during the Corona virus lock downs and most expansionary projects were halted. This alone led to many people in Zimbabwe losing their jobs. Secondly cloud based working will make many traditional jobs redundant. Many business processes will be automated and cloud based in the foreseeable future.
  • We also forecast that the government of Zimbabwe will expand the 2021 budget towards the health sector as Covid-19 exposed our poor health sector.
  • Another priority area for the 2021 budgets may be allocated towards ICT by both the public and private sector in Zimbabwe.
  • The education industry will also start going towards virtual learning platforms. This might be the biggest move that will drive ICT infrastructure in Zimbabwe. Telecommunications companies profits will surge as Wifi & Data will become the new gold or bread and butter for ordinary Zimbabweans.
  • We forecast a mushroom of small businesses starting up within Zimbabwe. Many Zimbabweans who got laid off due to Corona Virus are starting to enterprise.
  • Mostly people learnt that employment does not lead to financial freedom. Get in touch on 0718 080 008 or on if you need help to set up your own business in Zimbabwe or South Africa.
  • What we enjoy the most at Shaphat Consulting in the relaxation on orthodoxy corporate cultures. Things like dress codes ,working hours ,performance measurement and remuneration are going to change in 2021 and beyond.

Please note that Shaphat Consulting writes in its own capacity. These are opinions and not regurgitation of facts.

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